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Whitewater Stadium Descente du stade d'eau vive en kayak gonflable


Every year, the Lannion Whitewater Stadium hosts national and international canoeing-kayaking competitions. Many champions regularly frequent these facilities. However, the stadium’s features (adjustable flow, secure site) also make it suitable for everyone.   

                                                                      Pleasure and thrills in whitewater

Adjustable flow, removable obstacles enabling access for everyone, private individuals, groups, schools, whatever your level: beginner or experienced.


A fun approach to whitewater activities
  • Introduction to rafting (multi-person raft), hot-dog (a one or two-man inflatable kayak).
  • Introduction to whitewater (discover whitewater and how to read the movements of water in a river) in a hot-dog, or a sit-on-top or a sit-inside kayak.

 Groupe de jeunes en rafting

Equipment Hire
  • Raft;
  • Hot-Dog;
  • Airboat;
  • Sit-on-Top Kayak;
  • Sit-Inside Kayak.


  • Introductory course or course to improve skills (on request): 4 sessions;
  • Multi-activity course (from 8 to 16 years old) combining whitewater sports with sea and calm water kayaking every morning or in the afternoon, depending on tides: 4 sessions.

 Stade d'eau vive

Innovative facilities, unique in the world

The Whitewater Stadium operates by storing seawater at high tide.

According to tides, a schedule of projected opening times is drawn up.