Sea Kayaking


Our Outings

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 We suggest that you discover the Pink Granite Coast from another perspective: at the water’s edge.Trégastel

You will depart with a guide from our water sports centre for a day-long or half-day trip, to explore the coastline and islands.

Sea kayaking remains the perfect way to discover the sea wildlife visiting our coast (grey seals, gannets, terns and cormorants, etc.).


Sea kayaking : a way to discover the Pink Granite Coast which is accessible to everyone.

 Estuaire du Léguer

Our excursions (by the day and half-day)
  • Trébeurden (sea trip);
  • Ploumanach;
  • Tomé Island;
  • Port Blanc;
  • Seven Island Archipelago (for experienced kayakers);
  • Morlaix Bay;
  • Bréhat Island.


Our Courses
  • Springtime courses in the evening

Once a week, from 5.30 to 8 p.m., you can find out what it’s like to go sea kayaking peacefully along the Pink Granite Coast. Every week, a new location to be navigated will be on the programme.

  •  Courses during the half-term holidays.

Autour de l'île ToméIn the Easter holidays, we offer a course to improve skills and a beginner’s course over 4 half-days.

On the programme: discovering the activity; navigation according to currents, wind and location.

Acquiring skills: private request (Eskimo rolling, kayak tours, excursions) on a single session basis, or in the form of a course; obtaining various levels of certification with the “Pagaies Couleurs” (colour paddles) exam.


Descent of the Léguer Estuary

Depending on the tides, you will depart from Lannion to go to the Beg-hent dock on the half-day excursion and Locquémeau Harbour on the day-long excursion. 


Supervision of Sea Excursions

All our activities are supervised by state-certified instructors, qualified in sea kayaking.