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In Lannion the development and implementation of a programme of sustainable actions is progressing in stages. Between responsible purchasing, energy saving measures, selective rubbish collection and alternative weed control, Lannion is mobilising and reacting concretely to construct a town for the future and for the community.

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We do not inherit the land from our elders, we borrow it from our children,” wrote Saint Exupéry. Lannion is applying this philosophy to town management. Specific attention is paid to the environmental aspect when considering projects with the constant idea of improving the lifestyle in the town.

The town of Lannion does not forget that managing its development also means conciliating economic growth and lifestyle quality, urban development and green space. In 2002, Lannion was awarded the supreme distinction with a 4th flower in its bouquet. Embracing nature with green-fingered inhabitants, the town breathes purity and beauty throughout the year. Lannion's motto: fleurir, c’est accueillir(flowers are welcoming).