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At the cutting edge of innovation

With the R&D division of France Telecom, a technical institute and a school of engineering, Lannion is a place for exchanging ideas, renowned for its higher education, research centres and businesses. Because of this, the town has attracted fibre optiquesubsidiaries of major corporations, and has justified twice-daily rail and air links with Paris. In 1989, the Lannion-Trégor Anticipa technology cluster was created. The “Agence de Développement Industriel du Trégor” (ADIT) and the Lannion Trégor metropolitan area are responsible for its management.


The importance and reputation of the Lannion-Trégor Anticipa technology cluster in the telecoms sector is internationally recognised. The designations of “terre d'accueil des télécommunications” (telecommunications centre) and “leading French metropolitan area among the most attractive towns for companies – in the under 100,000 inhabitants category” are widely associated with Lannion, which places it within the circle of international business towns. It is known as “Trégor Valley”.


History of telecommunications in Lannion

  • 1954: installation of the first “integral electronic telephone exchange” in Lannion.

  • 30 June 1955: the Sudreau commission writes a report on the public establishments of the Parisian region that could be relocated to the outlying provinces. When the report is presented, a single representative expresses interest in the transfer of high-tech activities to his region: Pierre Marzin, a native of the Trégor region, director of the National Centre for Telecommunications Studies (CNET).

  • 1957: conference held in Lannion on the theme “Is Lannion dying?”. cablesThe debate centres on the possibility of relocating the light electronics industry to Brittany. A participant suggests contacting Pierre Marzin. The same year, during a visit to Lannion, Pierre Marzin announces that centres for telecommunications research could be installed outside the town.

  • 19 May 1960: the minister of the post and telecommunications lays the first brick of the CNET.

  • 8 September 1960: General de Gaulle visits the CNET construction site.

  • January 1961: the first building is completed.

  • July 1961: construction of the “Radôme” (radio-dome) in Pleumeur Bodou.

  • 1963: inauguration of CNET.