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Sports for all

The town offers a wide range of sporting activities. The most recent disciplines and those currently being developed are provided with custom facilities that are adapted to their needs and meet the latest developments in the sport.

As a result, the “stade d’eau vive” river nautical sports site and the indoor sports facility are open to school and university students, both to competitive sports practitioners and those pursuing a sport as a leisure activity. In all there are approximately fifty associations or sections representing 6,000 license holders and 4,000 students benefiting from the town sports facilities.

G RS5Lannion possesses all of the facilities to ensure that not only is the practice of sporting activity an important component of the lifestyle of residents but also has everything to support athletes who require varied and specialised equipment. Aware of the necessity of enabling sports associations to develop in the best possible conditions, the town of Lannion has carried out numerous projects to extend, renovate and improve the sporting facilities on numerous sites and is well provided in high-quality equipment. In consultation with the municipal sports office, the town has also accorded it support to the operation of sports clubs by awarding grants. Tennis

In addition, in order to provide more options for practicing and getting to know sports activities, the town offers specific nautical activities (river kayak, white water, hydro-speed, sea kayak) at the “stade d'eau vive” (river aquatic sports site), the indoor sports facility (“cap sports” and “cap sports vacances”) as well as at the public swimming pool (swimming lessons, aquatic gymnastics, etc.) With the completion of the new 250 m synthetic running track beside the indoor sports facility and the new public swimming pool, in Park Nevez Lannion has a high-quality sports complex in close proximity to the educational establishments.