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Lannion has a youthful population with those under 20 making up 25% of the population. The municipality applies a policy that is particularly child-friendly. Specifically, this results in services that meet a wide spectrum of needs expressed by parents and concerns children of all ages: public crèches, family crèches, in-home childcare relay systems, childcare centres, play centres and youth centres.

Education is a top priority in Lannion. This is why it offers the setting, facilities and educative means to fit all needs, from pre-school to higher education.

To prepare students for excellent performance in the baccalaureate exam that students must pass at the end of their schooling, the Charles Le Goffic and Yves Coppens private schools and the Saint Josephs public enfantschool ensure a high-quality secondary school education. The Félix Le Dantec and Bossuet “lycées” (upper secondary schools) confirm this level of excellence and are considered some of the best in Brittany. In all neighbourhoods and for all ages, Lannion is committed to creating the best possible conditions for children and young people.