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The port

Two mooring sites: Le Beg Hent and Pors Nevez

The two moorings implanted on the right bank of the Léguer present a continuity in occupation deployed in a more or less dense manner between Porz-Nevez upstream and the rip-rap bounding Beg-Hent towards the mouth. etoile


  • 175 moorings are implanted here.

The rates are reasonable as the moorings belong to individual users and are maintained at their expense.

There is a local regulation that stipulates that these moorings are reserved as a priority for resident users or for those exercising an activity locally.

  • The moorings are assigned and monitored by the harbor master.Le port de Lannion sur le Léguer

  • Launching at the two sites is not advisable due to the lack of space on land.

Annex sites: the quai de la corderie, the quai à sable, the quai de Nod Uhel.
Close to the town centre, several quays are available to yachting enthusiasts to navigate the Léguer estuary and stopover to visit Lannion.

To request a temporary mooring or permanent, contact the harbor master.

Since July 01, 2005, the Léguer yachting association has ensured the administrative management of the Léguer river marina in the Bay of Lannion with its three mooring areas located at la Corderie, at Pors Nevez and at Beg Hent. Created in 1971, it counts approximately 160 members.